Hi there! My name is Kialle (Its pronounced 'Kyle', I know, it's weird, right?). I'm a recent Graduate from Falmouth University's Animation and Visual Effects Course. I'm currently searching for a 3D Artist job within in the film or games industry.

Growing up, I've admired the expressive qualities in animated characters from various media. My passion is to translate the expressiveness brought about from their 2D designs to 3D detailed characters.

I have experience with various 3D software including: zBrush, Substance Painter, Maya, Arnold Renderer and Blender to name a few.
Utilising these programmes, I have experience in Sculpting Characters/Environment Props, UV Unwraping, Texture, Retopology, Animating, Lighting and Rendering. I've worked on various projects including Student Films, Freelance work and a VR game.
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